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Customers with Zoom Phone and InformaCast Fusion are able to take advantage of rich telephony experience to deliver safety and workplace communications.


InformaCast, from Singlewire Software, delivers an integrated approach to spread the word quickly and allows organizations to manage critical situations swiftly and effectively. The Informacast integration for Zoom Phone provides a frictionless way to add safety, advanced paging and other critical alerts keeping people safe, informed, and organizations secure. Seamlessly operating side by-side with Zoom Phone, InformaCast provides the tools to notify people with audio and text delivered to each user’s desktop, desk phone, mobile phone and to a wide range of 3rd party devices (overhead speakers, signage, build control systems, etc) to reach employees in seconds enhancing workplace safety. 

If an emergency occurs in your organization, you need to know the moment it happens. Zoom calling offers robust emergency calling options that can be enhanced with the addition of InformaCast. The moment an emergency call is placed (for example, someone dials 911 from within a building), InformaCast can send a notification with details to a predetermined group who can deploy a response. Administrators can listen into calls as they are taking place and review recordings of emergency calls once they are completed. InformaCast provides tools for employees to respond during a situation, key personnel to leverage a Centralized Control Center and automatically create an Incidence Management capability with a Zoom Meeting. 

InformaCast advanced paging notification provides the speed and reach to get critical information into the hands of the people who need it. This versatile mass communication system works with mobile and on-premises devices to protect people when emergencies strike by adding InformaCast paging options for organizations using Zoom calling. Synchronized, live, ad-hoc, or pre-recorded intrusive audio can be sent to a wide range of IP speakers options, plus integration with legacy overhead paging systems and zone controllers to provide people with the information they need to stay out of harm’s way. 

InformaCast is used by thousands of organizations around the world in a wide variety of industries. It offers multiple unique features that help organizations consolidate disparate systems into a single tool for communication and incident management. Hospitals use InformaCast to assist with Code Blue paging, K-12 schools use it to schedule school bells and announcements, manufacturers integrate it with the Internet of Things, and businesses use it to stay in touch with remote workers. InformaCast offers the flexibility and customization organizations need to streamline processes and procedures, ensuring their communications reach everyone when it matters most.

InformaCast Fusion with Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone Integration with InformaCast Fusion

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