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Zoom Partners bring Zoom’s communications platform to market through alliance, sales, integrations, and service partnerships.

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Why Partner with Zoom?

Gain expertise

Benefit from tools, resources, and engage with our community to deepen your platform knowledge

Increase your reach

Expand your business and spur new growth by partnering with the leading collaboration and communications platform. Zoom is how the world connects

Differentiate your business

Bolster your offerings through industry-leading programs and products and technology to deliver an innovative solution

Partner Ecosystem

A global ecosystem of partners bringing Zoom’s video communications platform to market including integration, sales, and delivery partnerships.

Explore Partnerships


Affiliate Marketing

Would you like to promote Zoom’s top-selling products on your site? With Zoom’s affiliate marketing program, you can start earning commissions with every lead you send us! Interested in learning more?


Cloud Peering

Cloud Peering for Provider Exchange Partners establish a technology integration to allow access to their PSTN services from Zoom Phone. Cloud Peering enables a hardware-less deployment of Bring-Your-Own-Carrier (BYOC) licensing. These services can be provided to customers via Zoom’s Provider Exchange.



Authorized Distributors help bring products to market through their ecosystem of resellers and provide value-added services and a high level of overall selling support and focused technical expertise.

Hardware Partner


Hardware Partners develop certified hardware solutions to work with Zoom products and/or have completed the Zoom Hardware Certification Program. Zoom Hardware Certification Partners create broad ecosystems of products, giving customers a seamless communications experience with reliable solutions.



ISVs are companies who integrate into Zoom by creating applications for our App Marketplace or embed Zoom into their application and offer as a value add. The ISV Program provides the technical, commercial, and legal means to power video in their own solutions.

Platform Developer

Platform Developer

Platform Developers use solutions and tools made available by the Zoom Developer Platform to easily integrate Zoom’s video-based communications solutions into apps and services, or build solutions using Zoom’s core technology, with opportunities for co-marketing, discovery & distribution.



Referral Partners market and position Zoom services to their customer base and may be eligible to earn commissions. The Zoom Up Program for Referral Partners is designed to recognize and reward Referral Partners according to the level of investment they have made in their Zoom practice.



Reseller Partners work closely with the Zoom sales teams to deliver customized solutions that they bill and invoice to the customer. The Zoom Up Program for Resellers is designed to recognize and reward Reseller Partners according to the level of investment they have made in their Zoom practice.

Service provider

Service Provider

Service providers are carriers, providers, and aggregators of telecommunications services who integrate their PSTN solutions with Zoom Phone via API and dedicated infrastructure. Customers can self-discover and manage services through providers listed in the Zoom Provider Exchange.

Alliance Partner

Technology Alliance

Technology Alliance Partners are industry, vertical segment, category leaders and investors that deliver an improved user experience and/or address a unique commercial opportunity typically through integrating Zoom into their service offerings.

Technology Services Distributor

Technology Services Distributor

Technology Services Distributors help bring Zoom to market through a broad community of sales partners who provide value-added services, selling support and focused technical expertise, plus help to simplify the sales cycle by co-selling with Zoom sales.

Inspiring stories of partner success


Nissho Electronics

With Nissho Electronics' expertise in IT solutions and Zoom's cutting-edge video conferencing technology, this collaboration promises to redefine the future of work. Hear from Manabu Nitta, President, on reaching their goals with Zoom.

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Insight helps their clients realize the full potential of remote collaboration with Zoom’s communications platform. Hear from Dena Colombo, Senior Manager of Partner Management & Alliances, on their partnership experience with Zoom.

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Prezi uses Zoom’s Developer Platform, such as APIs and SDKs, to bring meaningful interaction between people and content. Hear from their Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, David Warren, about their partnership experience with Zoom.

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Palo Alto Networks_Partnering With Zoom

Palo Alto Networks

​​Palo Alto Networks, a cybersecurity platform, is a Zoom Alliance Partner that integrates with Zoom QSS to help companies simplify and secure hybrid work. Hear from SASE Product Partnerships Executive Director, Karthik Subramanian, on their partnership experience with Zoom.

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C3ntro_Partnering With Zoom


C3ntro goes above and beyond to ensure customers seamlessly using Zoom solutions. From deployment to training, users should expect C3ntro to be there every step of the way. Hear from Julieta Guerrieri, Collaboration Product Manager, on their experience partnering with Zoom.

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ECS Telecom_Partnering With Zoom

ECS Telecom

ECS Telecom is a Services Provider that recently joined the Zoom Up Partner Program. This collaboration brings together the expertise of ECS Telecom and Zoom’s cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way businesses communicate and collaborate. Hear from Kate Lee, Managing Director, on their experience so far with Zoom.

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