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MessageWatcher | Archiving Solutions for Your Compliance Needs

MessageWatcher’s solution enables organizations to archive their Zoom Phone voicemail, text & call logs, to ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

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Archiving & Monitoring from MessageWatcher helps organizations  reduce time and money spent on e-discovery, regulatory examinations, and audits, while also proactively monitoring for potential policy violations. 

MessageWatcher’s Archiving enables organizations to use Zoom Phone for voice and chat while capturing a complete and unalterable record of the content across the user population, helping with compliance with FINRA, SEC and other regulations.

Illegal activity and regulatory violations, lawsuits for harassment, failure to comply with discovery requests and similar occurrences all pose risks in today’s workplace.

Mitigate these risks with MessageWatcher’s archiving and monitoring.

MessageWatcher archives customers’ Zoom Phone texts, voicemails and call logs and provides great benefits like:

Cost Savings

  • MessageWatcher helps customers avoid fines and lawsuits.
  • Hassle free implementation and no setup fees.
  • Reduced audit, legal discovery, regulatory examination, and data storage costs.
  • Simple searching for, and reporting of, policy violations saves staff time.
  • Automated flagging of inappropriate posts, emails, texts, etc. saves employees hours.

Powerful Supervisory Tools

  • Numerous reports for supervision, audits, and examinations.
  • Compliance approval tracking and post-review reporting.
  • Align with industry and government regulations such as SEC and FINRA regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), PCI compliance, etc.
  • Easily analyze and identify exceptions with lexicon-based flags on archived content.
  • Simple and free process to export search results for auditors.

Ease of Use

  • Reports, policies, and permissions are intuitive.
  • Easy access via a browser-based platform with no agents, downloads, or desktop software.
  • Comprehensive dashboard.
  • Intuitive, reliable, and scalable system.
  • Manage surveillance and flagging with policy tools that are easy to use and automate.
  • Archived content is readily accessible, and reporting is easy using the system’s reporting capabilities.


  • Secure communication and storage of sensitive information. 
  • Multi-factor authentication and login notifications.
  • Flagging of policy violations.
  • Logging of all user activity.
  • Non-rewritable archive means that no changes can be made to the archived content.

Combines Zoom Phone Content with Other Platforms for Compliance, HR and Legal Teams

  • Zoom Phone content is archived alongside your organization’s email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Teams, websites, blogs, Bloomberg, Salesforce/Slack, and other platforms.
  • Ability to search, report on, and export content from all of these platforms.

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