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Many businesses today rely on Zoom and Zendesk to serve their customers. The unified Zoom and Zendesk experience makes it easier for agents to deliver seamless support across both platforms. This integration allows agents to resolve customer inquiries faster, simplify workflows and deliver more personalized service.

Simplify workflows by easily accessing Zoom in Zendesk
The Zoom Meetings integration simplifies agent workflows by scheduling and launching Zoom Meetings directly within Zendesk. It also enables access to meeting recordings, details or transcripts within Zendesk at any time.

Offer a more personalized, face-to-face service
Zendesk Support in Zoom integration accesses the power of Zendesk from within Zoom. Specifically, users can see full customer context from Zendesk within the Zoom application, create and update tickets within Zoom Meetings, and capture notes or key details.

Eliminate tool switching with Zoom Phone in Zendesk
Zoom Phone integration allows users to seamlessly receive and make Zoom Phone calls within Zendesk. Zendesk automatically matches incoming calls to existing users so agents have the context they need before joining. Furthermore, this integration allows you to run reports to better understand trends and channel performance.

Increase efficiency with Zoom Contact Center in Zendesk
Additionally, the Zoom Contact Center integration with Zendesk is now available in the Zendesk Marketplace. Agents have access to contact center functionality within the Zendesk application, providing them with an efficient and unified experience in a single place without switching between the two applications.

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