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Variphy | Unified Communications Analytics. Simplified.

Variphy is the leading provider of call analytics and reporting for unified communications platforms.


Variphy is the leading provider of call analytics and reporting for unified communications platforms. With nearly 20 years in the reporting and analytics business, Variphy offers in-depth analytics for your Zoom Phone environment.

Unified Communications Analytics. Simplified.

Variphy Call Analytics and Reporting for Zoom Phone:

Call Queue and Zoom Phone Analytics
Variphy’s drag-and-drop widgets combine call queue and Zoom Phone analytics on the same dashboard. You can create statistical summaries, data tables, and charts on the fly. With Variphy, you’ll get insight into your customer’s experience with real-time visibility into your call queues. You can also view historical trends like busy hours, days, and weeks, so you know when to staff agents.

Full Analytics and Historical Reports
Variphy queries your call history within your Zoom Phone call history data, allowing you to search, analyze, report, and share easily. You can set permissions-based restrictions for users or teams in the Variphy application.

Get full control of your reports with customization. You can use search sets and grouping search sets to include the data you want. Our user-defined report layouts include custom labels, column headers, and logos. Export reports in your preferred format.
You can add search criteria like Caller Number, Originating Party, Terminating Party, Combinations, Durations, Signaling, Call Identifier, Called Queue of inbound traffic, and Caller Department. User Historical Options can even show you information on expired or deleted users.

Easy Setup and Configuration
We know that ease of deployment and ease of use are key factors with any application. Variphy can be deployed on-premises, on the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Installation is quick, and you’ll get immediate access to your Zoom Phone data. You’ll also have unlimited data retention to assist your organization’s compliance and auditing needs. Take advantage of our free trial offer to test a fully functional application in your environment!

Do More with Your Zoom Phone Data

  • Customizable drag-and-drop interface
  • End user, department, and other use cases
  • Scheduled report delivery via email, report repository, or chat
  • PDF, XLSX, CSV, and HTML report formats
  • 100% U.S.-based service delivery and support
  • Under-utilized user report to track user adoption
  • In-depth queue and agent performance data
  • Ability to search specific or all call recordings
  • On-demand audio playback and download options

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