UpSquad | Connect, Learn & Grow: Build your Community that Thrives

UpSquad helps organizations build their online space for all their members to connect, communicate and collaborate.


If you are looking to build a positive online space for your members to collaborate and get help through your programs and trainings, UpSquad offers a custom community management and integrated events platform using Zoom for your programs. UpSquad helps organizations to efficiently manage, grow and measure impact with data insights all in one place.

UpSquad offers matchmaking for easily scheduling 1-to-1 and group trainings leveraging Zoom capabilities, messaging, social community forum, online and in-person events connecting all members in a positive space. Plus, organizations will easily be able to capture video stories of impact from their members.


  • Built for efficiency: You can easily build and manage all your trainings, cohort-based programs, online tutoring via Zoom Meeting and offline workshops, events instead of using multiple tools with siloed data.
  • Customizations: Every organization is different with unique needs; you can easily customize a solution that meets your requirements with built-in privacy in no time.
  • Storytelling: You can tap your members to share their experience via video stories to show your impact to the world.

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