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SpinSci’s AI-enabled solutions enable real-time integrations for enhanced interoperability for health systems, boosting health and financial outcomes.

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Through an integrated experience with Zoom Contact Center, SpinSci solutions delivers exceptional benefits to address crucial pain points for patients and healthcare providers:

  • Seamless Care Coordination: Integrating SpinSci solutions with Zoom Contact Center enhances accessibility and care team collaboration. Real-time access to patient records and insights during video consultations help streamline care coordination and accelerate care for improved patient outcomes.
  • Elevated Video-Enabled Care: Patients and care teams receive a superior virtual care experience. With our solution, the Zoom platform facilitates virtual visits, enabling providers with easy access to medical histories and real-time data sharing, helping to boost patient satisfaction and engagement.
  • Security and Compliance: We prioritize patient data security. The Zoom platform’s robust security features, combined with our solution’s data safeguards, enable healthcare providers’ HIPAA compliance, providing them with peace of mind.
  • Efficient Workflows: SpinSci solutions and Zoom Contact Center help streamline administrative tasks by automating documentation, scheduling, and billing processes, reducing administrative burdens and boosting operational efficiency.
  • Patient Empowerment: Together, we empower patients with access to their health information and telemedicine options. This encourages ownership and proactive healthcare management through improved patient engagement.
  • Scalable Solutions and Interoperability: the Zoom platform and our solution are scalable to help meet the evolving needs of healthcare organizations, expanding telehealth capabilities without compromising quality or interoperability.
  • Zoom Contact Center, together with SpinSci solutions, addresses the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, delivering improved care coordination, patient experiences, and data security. We enable healthcare providers to operate more efficiently, enhance patient engagement, and scale their virtual health services confidently.

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