Sidekick | Helping High-Growth Companies Win at Employee Onboarding & Retention

Create professional development experiences that inspire top talent to join, grow, and stay, using Sidekick’s live learning tools for distributed teams.

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Leaders of high-growth companies can’t sleep.

Most are scaling up faster than they can recruit and retention is a huge problem. 

Most leaders know that effective onboarding and professional development is critical for success.  

Unfortunately most don’t have the time or resources to build effective programs.

Sidekick changes the narrative around employee retention.

Sidekick fills a resource gap, helping you build effective onboarding and professional development programs faster. 

It enhances the Zoom experience with a collection of features that will help you plan, choreograph and optimize professional development experiences.

  • Orchestrate & Choreograph – Create live learning sessions step-by-step and make them easily repeatable using Sidekick’s Session Playbook templates for a consistent learning experience 
  • Live Engagement – Drive learning engagement by enhancing the live learning experience through interactive assessment and collaboration tools
  • Reporting & Metrics – Follow your team’s progress and drive iterative improvements to your learning sessions with detailed learner engagement reports

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