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Unprecedented Insights. Predictable Pipeline. Bring the power and context of people and relationships to your ZoomIQ for Sales calls, driving productivity.

pai-logo-color-rgb-1 automates the collection of data for GTM team members, accurately updating the CRM and providing data-driven insights into relationships and engagements with prospects and customers – Improving the productivity and internal efficiency of the entire GTM organization.

With the integration with Zoom IQ for Sales, the power of is made available alongside Zoom IQ’s leading conversational intelligence. This powerful combination brings the context of the people participating in a meeting, their roles, relationships, and historic opportunity involvement directly into the Zoom IQ for Sales session. Through this partnership, GTM teams unlock the first holistic view of buyer engagements resulting in faster onboarding, data-driven call coaching, increased seller productivity, tighter deal execution, more pipeline, and more revenue.

This seamless integration is enabled via the Zoom admin panel and is available to mutual customers of Zoom and

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