PCI Pal | Secure Payment Solutions for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Elevate your Zoom experience with PCI Pal through frictionless phone & digital payments. Simple, secure, smart payment solutions for each interaction.


Embrace the future of payment processing within your Zoom environment. With PCI Pal’s Agent Assist and Digital solutions, transform every call or chat into an opportunity for a secure and customer-friendly transaction.

Seamlessly integrated into Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Phone, PCI Pal enables employees to securely facilitate payments in real-time without being exposed to sensitive data, keeping the customer’s data security and experience a priority.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced Security: Protection of sensitive payment information.
  • Agent-Customer Connection: Agents guide the process, helping to ensure a smooth transaction while maintaining customer engagement.
  • Trust and Compliance: Builds customer confidence by supporting secure and PCI DSS compliant transactions.
  • Modern Payment Methods: Offers an eCommerce-like experience, including popular ePayments like Apple Pay.

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