Panopto | The Easiest Way to Search and Store Zoom Recordings

Panopto's built-in Zoom integration endeavors to make all the information in your Zoom video conference recordings more secure, searchable, and easily shareable.


If a meeting’s worth having, it’s worth holding onto.

Zoom is great for hosting and recording meetings. It’s even better when integrated with Panopto’s industry-leading solution for managing and sharing videos with security in mind.

Panopto’s built-in Zoom integration creates an end-to-end video solution you can rely on to capture your meetings, then automatically make those recordings searchable, and shareable inside your organization’s secure video library. What’s more, Panopto includes tools for editing Zoom recordings, features that enable ongoing collaboration between meeting attendees, a robust video analytics suite you can use to make your meetings smarter, and unlimited flexible cloud storage so you can keep your meeting recordings as long as your information retention policies recommend.

Panopto workflows are designed to manage an organization’s meeting recordings at scale. Panopto adds essential administrative and end-user capabilities to create a more secure solution for sharing and searching Zoom recordings.

With Panopto, administrators get more control over recording permissions. Meeting hosts benefit from simplified sharing, a video editor, and viewing analytics. And participants get a more interactive and engaging playback experience.

University of Notre Dame Case Study

Schools see value in connected learning spaces with Zoom and Panopto

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