OverQuota | Real-time sales coaching software

An AI sales coach that guides reps with best practices and deal-winning insights during sales meetings held over Zoom.

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Discover the future of conversation intelligence with OverQuota, a cutting-edge way to unlock new heights of sales performance. While most teams merely record sales meetings, OverQuota coaches reps with dynamic real-time guidance to navigate conversations with buyers.

By integrating your proven sales process and best practices with our advanced natural language processing capabilities, OverQuota coaches reps in real time to:

  • Show up prepared for every sales meeting
  • Conduct thorough qualification and discovery
  • Articulate the right value message for products and services
  • Effectively handle objections and address competitors
  • Correctly discuss pricing, trial periods, and other sales motion scenarios

With real-time coaching in the meeting, sales teams are ramping reps faster and improving performance across the entire team.

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