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Outschool is an online learning platform that empowers kids ages 3–18 to learn on their own terms with the widest variety of teachers, topics and classes to suit any interest.

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Outschool offers interactive, small-group classes over Zoom that are fun and social, as well as video classes that can be taken any time, and clubs that connect learners around their favorite topics. With Outschool, learners are free to pursue their interests, connect with others around shared passions, and build confidence through progress. Since 2015, we’ve partnered with vetted, diverse, expert teachers to give kids everywhere greater access to high-quality education.

We exist to break through the barriers to learning. To increase access. To give back control. For every kid pursuing any interest. For every parent seeking greater choice. For every teacher not satisfied with the status quo. We’re here to unleash the love of learning by reimagining what education can be.

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