MURAL | The Digital Workspace for Visual Collaboration

No ordinary online whiteboard, MURAL has powerful facilitation features, guided methods, and the deep expertise organizations need to transform teamwork.


Make video meetings more productive, engaging, and fun by sharing a digital canvas for visual collaboration in your next Zoom meeting. With the MURAL App for Zoom, all meeting attendees–even without a MURAL account–can collaborate visually in real time with sticky notes, drawings, diagrams, images, and more from inside the Zoom client. Afterwards, collaboration can continue asynchronously with everything saved in a mural.

Meeting leaders can leverage Facilitation Superpowers™ and pre-made meeting templates to get more out of video meetings. Facilitate meetings that deliver better outcomes, drive faster decision making, and accelerate innovation. With features like outline, timer, and voting, keep the meeting on track. Private Mode enables everyone to contribute anonymously resulting in more diverse ideas and honest feedback. Features like celebrate and reactions help build connection and momentum with the team.

When everyone can share ideas on equal footing without bias to the loudest voice or where anyone is located, brainstorming, planning, retrospectives, design sprints, client collaboration and other meetings become a richer experience that leads to desired outcomes faster.

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