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Conversational AI and Generative AI solution improving the CX/EX experience

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Kore.ai is a world leader in Conversational AI technology, helping companies deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers, agents, and employees on voice and digital channels of their choice.

Leveraging the native and flexible capabilities of the Kore.ai XO Platform alongside Zoom, businesses can quickly add self-service, automation, and conversational assistance for end customers interacting on voice & digital channels. Whenever a live agent interaction is needed, the interaction and all relevant context can be seamlessly passed to an appropriately skilled agent working in the Zoom Contact Center desktop.

For agent experience, Kore.ai AgentAssist monitors the customer-agent conversation, identifies intents and sentiments– such as interest in solving a specific problem, buy and upsell opportunities, and customer frustration–and performs tasks and provides guidance to help improve engagement.

At the start of any conversation on any channel, AgentAssist can look up customer information from CRM and other third-party systems and proactively provide agents with the right context based on customer goals. User’s session history, previous chat history, and current sentiment are all part of the context.

AgentAssist can automate backend tasks and queries on behalf of the agent, surface useful information scattered across multiple source documents, and suggest responses based on sentiment for more meaningful engagement.


  • Deliver automated guidance for your customers and agents in 100+ languages.
  • Customizable and extensible NLU model, now with large language model (LLMs) options using OpenAI.
  • A single consumer and enterprise solution for multiple use cases.
  • Speed to market with innovative generative AI tooling for dialog creation, training, testing, and personalization.
  • Transparent and explainable AI
  • Deploy on-prem, hybrid, or cloud

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