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Simplifying the management of child welfare and behavioral health through our industry-leading case management, EHR, and analytics software solutions.


KCare’s products Exym, extendedReach, and Stabilify provide reliable, configurable software solutions designed to meet the needs of behavioral health, child, and elder welfare organizations. KCare depends on Zoom Video Communications, Inc. for convenient and secure telehealth appointments. Popularized in the last few years, telehealth is crucial for those looking to reduce person-to-person contact, those that may have mobility challenges, or simply patients with hectic schedules. By teaming up with Zoom, KCare’s customers were able to easily connect with patients on a platform they were likely already familiar with and trust.

Exym provides EHR software for behavioral health agencies, empowering them to spend more time with their clients and less time managing their work. 45,000+ clients per month are served by clinicians who use Exym to simplify their billing, documenting, and case management needs.

extendedReach provides an intuitive, customizable case management solution designed for child and family social service agencies and community-based service organizations. extendedReach proudly serves 25,000+ case managers and continues to grow its customer base daily.

Stabilify is innovative software for child welfare professionals built to help case workers improve outcomes of foster families. Stabilify’s solutions provide timely, insightful, accurate, and predictive intelligence.

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