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Jane meets Zoom: Our seamless online practice management experience is paired with Zoom’s video platform behind-the-scenes. We’re teaming up to bring compliance, security and innovation together and get health and wellness practices online.

While Jane does everything to help you run a clinic, Jane’s Online Appointments provide a special kind of telehealth experience:

  • Meet with individuals, couples, families, and up to 12 related clients at once.
  • Capture consent, manage your Waiting Room, and maintain control over participants’ microphones and cameras.
  • Simplify the booking of sessions, charting throughout, and payment when you’re done.

For Jane and Zoom, privacy and security is top of mind. Jane supports our customers’ compliance with HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR.

Our Online Appointments features have been built in a way that meeting content is not accessible by Zoom and there is no recording of calls.

You do not need to maintain a separate Zoom subscription to access Jane Online Appointments; just sign up for any Jane subscription.

Learn more about Jane Online Appointments, powered by Zoom.

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