IR | Optimize Your Zoom User Experience with IR Collaborate

Provide a seamless communication and collaboration experience with holistic, ecosystem visibility, insights and performance analytics.


Zoom is an important collaboration platform in your organization – but it is only part of a complex communications ecosystem. IR Collaborate is an end-to-end experience and performance management solution that provides comprehensive visibility and control.

See beyond your Zoom service into the performance of your network, SBCs, devices, and other platforms, and get the insights you need to proactively monitor, troubleshoot, analyze, and resolve issues before they impact user experience.

Key Collaborate Features: 

  • EQ360 Visual Dashboard – quickly identify the source of call or meeting issues with traffic light signals on end-to-end visual representations. 
  • SBC and Network Visibility – monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve SBC and network issues and Zoom performance from a single pane.
  • ServiceNow Integration – streamline IT and Telecommunications Service Management. 

Remote Zoom Room Management – remotely manage and monitor Zoom Rooms to provide collaboration spaces that are meeting-ready.

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