InVision | Freehand: Digital Whiteboard for Collaborative, Inclusive Meetings

Work together better, from anywhere. Use Freehand for Zoom to make brainstorms, project kickoffs, and workshops more interactive and engaging.


Not just a whiteboard—a workboard for all workflows 

Freehand is a flexible, visual canvas where teams brainstorm, plan, align, and present. It’s simple and approachable so everyone can feel comfortable right away in project kickoffs, workshops, design sprints, retros, and more. Teams of all sizes trust Freehand as the place where they can do their best work, together. 

Simple and approachable = no learning curve

Use the intuitive tools in Freehand to quickly get meeting attendees collaborating in the canvas, no training needed. 

  • Get started fast with purpose-built templates by top companies like Asana, Salesforce, and AMEX, so your team can focus on working together, not the setup. 
  • Familiar tools like sticky notes and emoji reactions make it easy for teammates to participate from day one. 
  • Keep all your project work connected with in-canvas integrations like Google Docs, Mode, Figma, Adobe XD, Loom, Youtube, and Jira. 
  • Work stays in the whiteboard post-meeting so your team never loses meeting notes and can keep the momentum going on your project.

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