Genesys | Make Communication and Collaboration Easy for Great Customer Experiences

Together, Genesys and Zoom enable service teams to build meaningful connections through strong collaboration with subject matter experts.


The Genesys Cloud CX™ Integration with Zoom Phone, Zoom Chat, and Zoom Meetings results in seamless cloud communications that simplify how employees collaborate with each other and communicate with customers. 

With the capabilities of Genesys Cloud CX and Zoom in a single experience, joint customers can offer their employees the best of everyday on-the-go voice and video collaboration for all employees, as well as advanced call routing, analytics, and workforce management for epic customer support. 

The integration between Genesys Cloud CX and Zoom combine the user experiences of both platforms into easy-to-use workflows.

The Zoom Phone integration with Genesys Cloud CX allows organizations to sync directory and contact information into both platforms and enables Genesys Cloud CX users to see Zoom Phone users’ availability during call transfers. In combination with SIP integration between the platforms, this results in a workflow that provides context and awareness of Zoom user availability prior to handing off interactions and better resolution for end customers.

The Zoom Meetings integration with Genesys Cloud CX offers the ability to post and join Zoom Meeting rooms directly within Genesys Cloud CX, reducing or eliminating the need to copy/paste meeting room links and simplify workflows for on-demand collaboration. Genesys Cloud CX users will also be able to use the ‘/zoom’ command in Genesys Cloud CX’s Collaborate Chat to post their own personal Zoom URL into a 1-1 or group chat room.

Together, we can power an enterprise-wide communications strategy—from customer-centered support to corporate-wide collaboration—to help large and small organizations thrive.

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