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Our Zoom integration seamlessly enhances your Front experience by simplifying the initiation of a Zoom meeting right from your inbox. Whether you’re scheduling events using Front Calendar or engaging in impromptu discussions, launching a Zoom meeting is as effortless as a single click within the comments bar.

Say goodbye to the days of navigating through Zoom’s interface to create meeting links or send separate invites. With this integration, we not only streamline your workflow but also help save you valuable time so collaboration within your team is maximally efficient and productive when it’s needed most.

In addition, Front now offers the convenience of “Click-to-Call” and “Click-to-Text” directly from Zoom Phone, all accessible within the Front platform itself. You can effortlessly receive and make calls right from your Front inbox. This integration transforms Front into a comprehensive omnichannel experience, blending Front’s robust workflow capabilities with Zoom Phone.

By bringing your phone into the Front inbox experience, we empower you to support your customers through their preferred modes of communication. This integration represents a significant step toward enhancing your ability to connect and communicate effectively with your audience, regardless of how they choose to engage with your business.

Front integration with Zoom

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