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FaxSIPit | Send and Receive Faxes with Zoom

Now you can send and receive faxes directly in Zoom with our FaxSIPit Fax App for Zoom.


FaxSIPit Fax App for Zoom is an intuitive and unified user interface allowing you to transition between Zoom meetings, calls, and chats all while keeping track of what you’re working on.

Increase your fax capacity and fax accessibility so you get more done. Manage workflows better and provide better customer care and service. Improve productivity while maintaining compliance and decreasing costs.

Put the power of a fax machine right where you need it

  • Unified user interface increases productivity
  • All your fax messages and information in one place
  • Seamlessly transition between Zoom meetings, calls and chats
  • Zoom Apps users have all the expected fax services and controls
  • Downloadable PDFs for annotations and signatures
  • Send documents and images — multiple formats supported

Replace old, inefficient and costly fax technology with TLS

  • Eliminate the need for T.38 and POTS lines
  • Reduce operational expenses and administrative overhead
  • We use TLS transport that works over all Internet connections

Supports virtual and legacy faxing services

  • Send and receive fax through email, web interface and mobile devices
  • The FaxSIPit SecureFax-ATA supports physical Fax Machines for Virtual PBX deployments

Regulatory compliance – Our technology is designed to support compliance with security and privacy regulations such as:

  • HIPAA—Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • FISMA—(Federal Information Security Management Act)
  • SOX—Sarbanes–Oxley Act
  • GDPR—EU’s General Data Protection Regulation
  • PCI DSS – Credit Card Processing industry standard
  • CCPA etc.

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