Esi-Go | Delivering SIP Number Peering Services to Zoom Phone Users

ESi provides unified communications platforms that help enterprises to communicate over Zoom and manage their services effectively and efficiently.

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ESi allows you to enable mission critical communication services within hours, not months. ESi offers the best in single sourced telephony solutions and a safe, secure and speedy migration from an on-premises system to the cloud. ESi is capable of connecting multiple APAC countries to Zoom accounts, including number porting, training, reporting and monitoring.  Zoom and ESi integrate to deliver a flexible working experience, scalability, reduced IT costs, and access to automatic updates and provisioning. ESi allows users to access their work phone from home or on holiday across multiple devices. ESi features HA Services delivery and high reliability up to 99.99%, and a single source for users to select endpoint devices, such as a headset or IP phone. 

ESi specializes in developing Messaging, Voice, Video Telephony Application, VoIP and Unified Communications solutions for worldwide enterprises.   We deliver full PBX and PSTN features as well as Call center and CRM integrations, all from a cloud centric perspective.  We also offer flexible payment options to accelerate your digital transformation journey. 

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