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Epiphan Video | Create Polished Live and Hybrid Video Experiences

Get better engagement from your audience with dynamic, branded video content, leveraging the convenience of Zoom.


Make joining a production as easy as joining a Zoom Meeting. Whether you’re using a smartphone, laptop, or Zoom Room, Connect makes every space a studio. The familiar environment will put guests at ease, letting them focus on making great content from anywhere.

Hosts now have the ability to make every meeting a special event, with control over each participant’s audio and video stream. Create polished live, hybrid, and recorded video experiences with direct integration into the Epiphan ecosystem, or use your preferred production system such as vMix, OBS, Grass Valley AMPP, or any SRT capable workflow.

Unlike local setups, Connect is entirely cloud-based, giving you unparalleled access to consistent, high-quality video feeds.

  • Acquire Zoom video sources in rich, 1080p Full HD, or customize video quality for your needs.
  • Isolated audio feeds let you control what your audience sees and hears.
  • Simplified, easy-to-use screen-sharing gives more control to producers, regardless of who’s sharing content.
  • Inject a confidence monitor for your production into a Zoom meeting

Unlock the strategic potential of video in your organization

Improve Engagement
Connect enables branded, interactive content, differentiating your video by making it more engaging and professional.

Expand your video footprint
Through the convenience of Connect and Zoom, video capture and creation becomes much easier to scale at your organization.

Accessible video studios
Do more with Zoom Rooms using Production Studios. Connect lets your people collaborate more efficiently for branded, interactive content, from spaces you already have.

Epiphan Connect

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