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Eleveo simplifies workforce and quality management, optimizes contact center resources, supports compliance, and helps maximize customer satisfaction.

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People bring high expectations to every interaction they have with a business. Small and mid-sized contact centers need the same advanced omnichannel video-optimized platform capabilities, and WFO functionality as their enterprise counterparts, and the integration between Eleveo and Zoom Contact Center delivers that. The combination of the two offerings is the ideal solution for organizations looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-access, manage, use and scale contact center solution.

With the integration of Eleveo’s Workforce Management tool and Zoom Contact Center, historical, queue-level demand data and agent performance-related data from the Zoom platform are automatically imported into the Eleveo WFM database, including the module’s Forecasting, Scheduling, and Schedule Adherence tools.

This centralized control over forecasts and schedules and the ability to automatically capture, retrieve and manage incoming and outgoing voice recordings and screen interactions from Zoom Contact Center, make it easy to elevate compliance, quality, customer satisfaction, contact center efficiency, and agent effectiveness.

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