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CommunityWFM | Accurate Forecasting and Scheduling for Contact Centers

CommunityWFM is a cloud-based contact center workforce management (WFM) solution. CommunityWFM helps companies forecast, schedule, and manage their staff.

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CommunityWFM is a cloud-based contact center workforce management (WFM) solution developed with a focus on collaboration between WFM analysts, supervisors, and agents to improve forecasting and scheduling.

CommunityWFM offers two products, CommunityWFM Essentials for small and midsize contact centers and CommunityWFM Enterprise for large contact centers.

CommunityWFM Essentials: Essentials helps small and midsize businesses manage their contact center workforce like a large organization. Built with many industry-leading features that forecast workloads, improves scheduling efficiency, and streamlines agent adherence, the Essentials solution helps smaller companies manage their workforce without breaking the bank.

CommunityWFM Enterprise: Large companies face many unique challenges with their workforce. With many agents spread across different sites, bigger companies need a solution which can adapt to multiple scenarios at once in real-time. The CommunityWFM Enterprise product streamlines and automates time-consuming tasks, providing companies with modern solutions to solve complex contact center problems.

CommunityWFM offers unique features with a simple, user-friendly interface:
● Sophisticated Forecasting and Scheduling
● Real-Time Adherence Tracking
● Modern Intraday Management Capabilities
● Automated Attendance and Time Off Solutions
● Built-in Multi-Channel Communication Capabilities
● Rich Reporting and Analysis

Additionally, CommunityWFM helps drive communication while also simplifying scheduling through their Community Everywhere App. The app lets agents see their schedules on the go, request time off from anywhere, and communicate with their team. Contact centers can even send push notifications to relevant agents when a shift opens up.

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