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Codimite helps sales teams manage their customer engagements in a more efficient way by utilizing Zoom within SugarCRM.

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Codimite is a professional services provider with a top of the line development team. We help sales teams to close their deals when customers want to migrate from their existing solution over to Zoom. 

Zoom Phone with SugarCRM
This integration reduces time and effort by enabling you to make and receive calls directly within SugarCRM. Users can quickly start inbound calls with new leads or existing leads and update their information. This plugin will also make outbound calls via the user’s Zoom Phone. Once the SugarCRM admin installs the “Codimite Middleware Zoom Addon” package, users of that specific instance are able to easily start their conversations with Leads.

Get Zoom Phone Dial Pad for SugarCRM

Codimite Archiver
Codimite Archiver helps Zoom users manage their data backup easily. With Codimite Archiver, you can archive your Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone call recordings to the cloud, based on your settings, without worrying about the data retention challenges. 

Get Codimite Archiver for Zoom Meetings

Get Codimite Archiver for Zoom Phone

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