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Clixie Media | Easily Add Interactivity to Zoom Recordings

Use Clixie Media’s authoring & analytics tool from within Zoom to easily access your recordings and add powerful interactive elements.


​​Enthrall and engage your viewers from directly within Zoom. Easily enhance your Zoom recordings – Video or Podcast – with a wide-range of exciting interactivity, powerful features and detailed analytics. 

Use Clixie Media’s Authoring & Analytics tool directly from your Zoom Meeting to easily access your Zoom recordings. Quickly add a wide-range of interactive elements to your videos, including interactive bookmarks (“Clixie Cards”), quizzes, contact forms, clickable elements and more!

Stories that can be shared everywhere

A story consists of chapters from a single Zoom recording, multiple Zoom recordings, or even be combined with video & audio from other sources.  The resulting stories are mobile-responsive, allowing viewers to access the content on any device. Stories can also be embedded directly as tabs within Zoom messaging.

Clixie Media offers in-depth analytics, with a variety of ways to sift through the data. See exactly how viewers are engaging and analyze the effectiveness of your content. Gamification & badging offers a way to further incentivize and evaluate viewers.

Add value & repurpose Zoom recordings

Clixie Media is a great way to add value to & repurpose Zoom recordings. Chaptering and Clixies make it easier for viewers to find the information they are looking for. Quizzing is a great way to engage viewers and evaluate comprehension. Chapters can even be gated or locked to require viewers to complete a task before continuing, such as passing a quiz or clicking an object in the video.

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