BrightHire | Better, faster hiring powered by AI

BrightHire brings powerful AI into Zoom to transform hiring, helping to make it faster, better, and more equitable.


BrightHire brings powerful AI to Zoom interviews, transforming the quality and speed of hiring.

When you integrate BrightHire with Zoom, your hiring teams gain the ability to save time, conduct more effective interviews, and make better hiring decisions faster, all in one unified workflow.

BrightHire records, transcribes, and writes AI-powered interview notes, freeing interviewers to focus on candidates.

We provide tools to make great hiring decisions faster, like candidate scoring within Zoom and AI-powered candidate interview highlights.

And finally, BrightHire is built on top of the tools you already use and love, like Zoom and your Applicant Tracking System, so it’s easier than ever for hiring teams to stay in their flow of work.

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