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Bring creativity to the meetings and events worth watching. Brandlive completes the comms stack for companies adapting to hybrid work.


Work has changed. What used to happen in rooms is now happening on screens, and more screens than ever before. Keeping anyone engaged is – and will continue to be – harder than ever before. In the last decade, there’s been a revolution in how we watch content. It’s edgier, meant to stand out, and be watchable anywhere. Shouldn’t work content feel more like the content we watch in our own lives?

Brandlive complements companies’ day-to-day communications stack (email, messaging, Zoom video conferencing) by providing tools to elevate bigger meetings, events, and content–when viewership and engagement matter, whether consumed live or asynchronously.

Produce and host key meetings, events, and content across purpose-built platforms for internal audiences, partners, and customers with thoughtful capabilities like:

  • An easy-to-use production studio (called Greenroom) for planning and broadcasting live and pre-recorded content to multiple destinations
  • Show building tools to create fun, engaging TV-style shows and interactive video content
  • Fully customizable event pages that showcase your brand, including fonts, backgrounds, registration, and more
  • Beautiful, scalable attendee experiences that elevate content and act as on-demand hubs after and between live broadcasts to drive viewership
  • Real-time chat feeds with gifs and emojis that let you know what your audience is thinking and feeling
  • Hi-resolution 1080p streaming video across multiple live, concurrent sessions
  • Administrative controls to moderate content, manage audience members (including SSO), create and start sessions, and leverage analytics to track success
  • Easy-to-use tools backed by world class event managers, producers, and support teams

For town halls, annual kick-offs, investor events, trainings, and more, we make it easy to create meetings and work content that is more fun, entertaining, and engaging–bringing the magic of television to work.

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