Balto | Real-Time Guidance: Agent Performance, Unleashed

Balto helps agents successfully navigate calls in real-time. Our AI learns what works best and helps you put improvements into action at scale.

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Balto’s Zoom Phone integration empowers your agents to have better conversations by automatically starting and stopping the Balto agent application when phone calls are connected.

Balto rides alongside your agents’ Zoom calls, gives effective guidance in real-time, and allows managers to step in remotely when extra help is needed. Our proprietary AI continually learns what works best and helps you put improvements into action immediately, without the need for re-training.

Increase Conversions and Revenue
-Identify what your top agents are saying and scale your winning strategies and rebuttals.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
-Give your agents the knowledge and confidence they need to decrease holds and wait times and deliver superior customer experiences.

Train and Onboard Faster
-Slash ramp time with Balto. Turn every Zoom call into your best call by giving agents access to best practices, objection responses, and the most effective phrases, all in real-time.

Achieve Bulletproof Compliance
-Stop costly errors before they happen. Balto helps agents stay in compliance and correct mistakes in the moment.

Save Calls Before They’re Over
-Balto’s Real-Time Coaching helps managers identify the right calls to coach before the call is lost. Get alerted for coachable moments, instantly join the call, and help your agents save the call before it ends.

Stop Scoring Calls and Start Improving Them
-Balto’s Real-Time QA instantly scores 100% of calls so you can focus on improving them. Stop mistakes before they become habits and get a complete picture of call quality.

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