Zoom Rooms at AMC Theatres

Elevate Your Events to Cinematic Theatre Experiences

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Zoom and AMC Theatres unite to launch Zoom Rooms at AMC Theatres. This partnership equips businesses, organizations, and event planners with an innovative platform for orchestrating extensive hybrid events.

Leverage AMC Theatres’ robust infrastructure and Zoom’s trusted and easy-to-use technology to deliver engaging, immersive elevated group experiences that truly redefine the boundaries of the physical and digital worlds.

Unlock the extraordinary with AMC Theatre’s high-end amenities, captivating sight and sound, and unmatched comfort, complemented by Zoom’s trusted and user-friendly technology to deliver unforgettable experiences for your teams, clients, partners and employees!

Available at these available locations: San Jose, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, NYC, Los Angeles and Kansas City.

Zoom Rooms at AMC will give your meeting a special edge:

  • Unification: Merge attendees across various settings – from equipped theatres and conference rooms to personal workspaces, creating a genuine hybrid event ecosystem.
  • Infrastructure maximization: Utilize the theatre’s large screens, enveloping audio systems, and comfortable seating capacity to orchestrate memorable, engaging events.
  • Smooth Collaboration: Facilitate seamless interaction and engagement between onsite and remote participants with Zoom’s sophisticated collaboration features.
  • Immersive Experiences: Deliver breathtaking audiovisual experiences with ultra-high-definition visuals, crystal-clear audio, and interactive content sharing.

Increase attendance to your meetings by adding a private screening. Reward your employees or customers with a viewing of the latest block-buster movie. You can also add relevance by bringing back an older title with a tie-in to your meeting topic. Movies are also a great way to celebrate holidays and special occasions. You can offer your guests a VIP experience with an advanced screening of the latest release and provide the quintessential cinema experience by providing popcorn and drinks or hosting a private reception.

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