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Akkadian | Automated User Provisioning Platform

Manual user provisioning in a heterogeneous environment—at enterprise scale—is complex, time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors. Akkadian’s automation platform makes it simple.

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Streamline your Zoom platform administration by automating moves, adds, changes, and deletes. Get simple, fast, and secure user provisioning across the entire Zoom platform—and extend those provisioning capabilities and time gains to other applications in your environment. Equip your hybrid workforce with proper access to the applications they need, from day one, without errors.

Akkadian turns your user- provisioning process into one easy step with repeatable job templates and an employee self-service portal.

  • Provision Zoom users in as little as a minute
  • Eliminate errors that lead to outages
  • Reduce complexity during a migration or bulk provisioning project
  • Cut provisioning costs

Ready to streamline your Zoom platform operations? Learn more about Akkadian Provisioning Manager.

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