Welo | Work Better Together When Physically Apart

Welo’s visual spaces recreate the look, feel & flow of working together in-person. A better experience for better results.

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Whether you gather people for regular meetings or are leading a one-time event, Welo’s visual spaces recreate the look, feel, and flow of working together in-person. With streamlined access to people and information, Welo users report stronger connections to their colleagues and the context they need to thrive.

It’s like you’re in person, or better.
Recreate the experience of working together in a physical space–where it’s easy and natural to interact with colleagues and access information–right within Zoom:

  • Quickly choose a space designed for any type of meeting, workshop, or event: From all-hands meetings, team-building workshops, business planning sessions, and project kick-offs to daily stand-ups, breakouts, onboarding, and social events… even full office spaces.
  • Easily move around by simply placing your avatar where you need to be: Empower individuals to control their own movement rather than being confined to a static rectangle or break-out room.
  • Build stronger connections with colleagues: Seeing colleagues within the context of spaces promotes collaboration, while customizable avatars encourage people to express their individuality and status promote interaction.
  • Find everything you need in each room: Effortlessly embed room resources to provide quick access to group instructions, live dashboards, latest reports. Miro whiteboards, Jira project boards, Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, and more are always at hand.
  • Simplify facilitation: Built-in tools make it easy to achieve group goals. Message everyone at once or just specific groups. Quickly rally a group to your room. Set timers to stay on schedule.
  • Instantly see and connect with colleagues: Unblock issues, get updates, find help, or just check in to increase efficiency and build camaraderie—all while reducing meeting and email overload.

Welo collaboration spaces recreate the feel and flow of working together in a physical space to boost energy, engagement, and results.

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