TelePsycRX | Better Emotional Health Care Designed for All

TelePsycRX provides the framework for patients and providers to schedule and attend TelePsycRX appointments anywhere in the country.


The TelePsycRX system is built on a proprietary network of scalable systems, with all video communications being powered by Zoom Video Communications Inc. TelePsycRX has teamed up with Zoom based on their industry leading innovations that have helped define the “hybrid workplace” we see emerging and is part of the inspiration for our new business model. Zoom’s secure, reliable video platform is exactly what we needed to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

With the integration of Zoom’s video communications products, we will be able to provide behavioral health services across the country, giving people easy access to behavioral health service for the first time. Underserved communities, either rural or in the inner cities, will now have access to top quality mental health practitioners from anywhere in the country.

Are you a provider that is as dedicated to the wellbeing of others as we are? As of now, we are actively recruiting Prescribers, Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatrists, and Therapists to join our network. If you are interested in joining our network and you would like more information, please send your resume to:

Zoom Partner Solutions