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ServiceNow and Zoom offer technology integrations to provide joint customers a means to manage their ITSM environments (help desk, support, ticket management and employee experience) by reducing complexity, simplifying IT and reducing time to resolution for incidents with Zoom.  

Integrations with Zoom available on the ServiceNow Store

ServiceNow Virtual Agent in Zoom Team Chat

Zoom and ServiceNow are pleased to announce the availability of the ServiceNow Virtual Agent, available now to install in the ServiceNow store and configurable for use in Zoom Team Chat. 

The ServiceNow Virtual Agent allows users in Zoom Team Chat to Interact with a ServiceNow bot to create tickets, check status and take actions. It takes natural-language queries from users, like “Can’t get onto VPN”, and uses artificial intelligence and text analysis to parse those requests into a set of custom scripted answers. More specifically users in Team Chat will be able to engage with the Virtual Agent on the following tasks:

  • Request Application Access
  • Request Hardware 
  • Request IT Help

These automated queries eliminate redundant and repetitive tasks for service teams. More than just increased productivity, the ServiceNow Virtual agent frees up team members’ time so that they can delve into complex issues and provide better one-on-one customer care.

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Chat Zoom Connector

Any experience that enables resolving customer issues faster is of utmost importance in customer service. The ServiceNow® Chat Zoom Connector application enables agents to engage better with customers by initiating Zoom meetings from chats. Agents can conveniently use video and screen sharing options in Zoom and optionally record the meeting using the Chat Zoom Connector application.

  • Enable agents to initiate Zoom meetings using the Quick Actions list in chats
  • Track Zoom meetings as interactions on the ServiceNow platform
  • Track participants in Zoom meetings
  • Post the meeting recording to the interaction activity stream

Notify Zoom Connector

The ServiceNow Notify Zoom connector provides support for Zoom video and audio conferencing via the NOW Platform for rapid communication with internal members, customers, and contractors. Notify provides workflows that shorten the timeline for mobilizing resources to begin working on an incident or task by alerting the right people for action.

The Notify Zoom Connector expands the Notify communication channel by managing and initiating a Zoom meeting directly from any task record such as an incident, change or request.

  • Start and end Zoom meeting directly from any task record such as incident, or a change or even from the Major incident Workbench
  • Manage a Zoom meeting by adding or removing participants
  • Track and report meeting details such as meeting duration and attendees for further analysis

Zoom Spoke

The Zoom Spoke helps you create and manage meetings, add participants, retrieve details, end or delete a meeting. Use the spoke to fetch the participant details of a conference.

Meetings Phone
Meeting Management:

  • Create Meeting
  • Delete Meeting
  • End Meeting
  • Add Meeting Registrants
  • Look up Meeting Details
  • Look Up Live Meetings by User
  • Look Up Ended Meeting Instances

User Management:

  • Create User
  • Delete User
  • Disassociate User
  • Update User Settings
  • Look up Users Stream
  • Look up User Details

Cloud Recording Management:

  • Look up Recordings Stream
  • Look up Meeting Recordings
  • Look up Meeting Recordings Settings
Phone Management:

  • Look up Phone Numbers Stream
  • Look up User Phone Profile
  • Update User Phone Profile
  • Look up User Phone Settings
  • Update User Phone Settings
  • Look up User Call Logs Stream
  • Look up User Recordings Stream
  • Look up User Voicemails Stream
  • Look up Account Call Logs Stream
  • Assign Phone Number to User
  • Unassign User Phone Number
  • Assign Calling Plan to User
  • Unassign User Calling Plan
  • Look up Phone Number Details
  • Update Main Company Number
  • Look up Calling Plans
  • Look up Phone Users Stream

Integrations with ServiceNow on the Zoom App Marketplace

Zoom Phone for ServiceNow 

Merge the quality of Zoom Phone with your internal workflows in ServiceNow to simplify tasks for your users. With features such as click-to-call, users can call contacts with a single click. Automatic Call Logging ensures that tasks are tracked, along with call recordings and voicemails. Screen pop-ups with each call help identify the contact and display meaningful information. You and your customers can rest easy knowing that calls are secured, and additional call features are available in the Zoom Client.

ServiceNow Admin Alerts

Zoom admin alerts are pushed to ServiceNow where custom flows can be easily created to manage disruptions to your collaboration and productivity. 

The following Zoom admin alerts can be used as triggers in your ServiceNow flow:

  • Zoom Room offline/online
  • Controller disconnected/connected and battery low/charging
  • Audio usability threshold poor/acceptable
  • High CPU detected
  • Network bandwidth unstable
  • SIP registration failed/re-enabled
  • Mic/speaker/camera disconnected/reconnected
  • Zoom Room display disconnected

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