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QN Solutions | Find solutions in minutes, not months.

QN Solutions is the first ever solution finding platform. 100s of data points match executives to best-fit solutions, making a broken b2b buying process simple and effective.

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QN Solutions helps busy executives consolidate and simplify b2b solutions purchase research.

Instead of spending weeks or months trying to find the right products for your team, spend 5 minutes on QN Solutions. Tell us what problems you’re trying to solve, your business challenges, or what software you need.

That info is turned into 100s of datapoints and matched to our vetted database of solution providers using AI and our proprietary algorithm.

Receive a short list of the vendors that are best suited to support your specific needs, and request to meet with them all, or the ones you like the most. All pertinent information is summarized for you to easily compare across your list.

All meetings are 25 minutes and hosted on Zoom. Solution providers come equipped with your project information so you’re not wasting your time on discovery, but rather getting right to the heart of your decision making.

For every Zoom meeting you take, earn rewards to spend in our marketplace.

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