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As a cloud peering partner, Lumen delivers a simplified & secure Zoom Phone calling solution with technology expertise and end-to-end support on Lumen’s high-performance network.

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Lumen’s approach to Cloud Peering leverages their network and secure infrastructure to provide a seamless experience for customers’ voice calling without the need for additional hardware. Lumen offers streamlined access to PSTN services with the convenience of a hardware-free setup with Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) Zoom Phone licensing. Providing ease of migration, higher reliability, lower costs and flexible connectivity options, Lumen delivers a Zoom Phone cloud solution to drive growth and innovation.

Lumen focuses on co‑creating solutions that are quick, secure, and effortless. We monitor, manage, and optimize customers’ unified collaboration environments with leading flexible technologies, expertise, and end-to-end support, optimizing communication and connectivity on Lumen’s high-performance network.

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