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LightStep from ServiceNow

LightStep Incident Response | All-in-one incident response platform for quick recovery

Streamline on-call, collaboration, incident management, and automation so that every SRE can act without fear or uncertainty.


The Lightstep Incident Response account app and user app give site reliability engineers (SRE) and DevOps teams the tools they need in a modern response environment to monitor, engage, and resolve issues so they can keep digital systems and services running. The Lightstep Incident Response web apps help SRE teams with on-call schedules, management of events from integrations and services, and the ability to acknowledge or resolve individual incidents and alerts. Lightstep Incident Response connects distributed teams, keeping them informed and empowered when they’re on the go, in the field, working from home, or at the office.

Integrate your tools

Bring alerts from your favorite tools into Lightstep Incident Response with pre-built connectors for the most popular Enterprise and DevOps applications like AWS and Datadog, or build your own with our highly extensible APIs.

Contact the right people

In ‘On-call teams’, synchronize everyone’s schedule onto a shared calendar so you can contact the right people when you need them. 

Receive a notification

A mobile alert pops up. Now what? Lightstep Incident Response automatically invites you and your team to a dedicated channel based on pre-built collaboration playbooks. Everyone moves seamlessly from mobile to desktop with an in-app option to work on desktop. Add additional responders from within the alert page using your collaboration tool integration.

Assess the issue

Lightstep Incident Response immediately pinpoints the issue and uses machine learning to group alerts under the ‘related alerts’ tab. From there, the right people can collaborate and respond.

Automate response actions

Lightstep Incident Response can work alongside your team by automatically triggering response actions covering everything from triage and collaboration to notification and remediation through web services. Create these response rules in ‘Automation’.

Escalate alerts

If a responder does not acknowledge an alert within their allotted time, you can establish who to escalate the alert to in ‘On-call teams’ section labeled ‘Escalation Policy’. Set up your escalation alerts in advance to deploy automatically.

Integrate with ServiceNow to connect people and data for fast resolutions

Users have access to the natively-built Lightstep/ServiceNow integration which allows you to connect the teams, configurations, and data you already have in ServiceNow to get started faster and collaborate more effectively. Escalate and synchronize incidents between your team and the company to manage connectivity and visibility.

Get the Lightstep Incident Response – User App

Get the Lightstep Incident Response – Account App

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