| The Modern Way to Capture Online Testimony's video first record and AI transcript empowers legal professionals to efficiently capture, analyze and share legal testimony.’s video-first record and AI transcript empowers legal professionals to efficiently capture, analyze and share testimony using proven Zoom technology. Designed by litigators for litigators as an alternative to manual transcription, reduces the heavy time and cost barriers to justice.

Online Testimony Saves Expensive Attorney Time.
Zoom-hosted testimony eliminates the hassle, delays, and expense of travel, scheduling logistics, and paper exhibits that eat at your limited time, forcing you to limit discovery or pass enormous costs on to clients.

Capture Testimony Yourself Anytime, Anywhere.
With no 3rd-party human required, you can schedule and capture testimony anytime with only a few clicks. 

Instantly Access and Verify the Transcripts.
The video record + AI transcript are instantly accessible and verifiable. 

Save You and Your Clients Money.
With only 1% of cases going to trial, certified transcripts are costly and rarely required. gives legal professionals the tools to capture and use testimony now and perfect it later. Have a human proofread/certify the testimony only if and when needed.

Tools for Your Legal Team.
Schedule depositions, preload & manage exhibits, search transcripts, tag testimony, and share video clips of key testimony in seconds.

Video-First Record  > Text Transcript.
With’s video-first record, attorneys and judges have a more compelling and accurate record compared to only a human-typed written transcript. 

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