CallMiner | Elevate Agent Performance and CX

CallMiner helps Zoom users take advantage of the insights available through agent interactions to drive deeper human understanding and inform business decisions.

CallMiner conversation intelligence uses AI to analyze and automatically score 100% of your Zoom Contact Center interactions, to automate agent quality monitoring, performance feedback, and reveal insights that drive better outcomes for customers and your organization. With CallMiner, your business can understand how to improve customer sentiment, operational costs and efficiency, agent performance, and reduce compliance risk. Some benefits include:

1. Reduce AHT – Agents leverage AI abstraction to instantly and accurately summarize each call eliminating the tedious wrap-up phase.
2. Retain Customers – Use conversational analytics to gauge customer satisfaction and uncover drivers of sentiment, provide insights to reduce churn
3. Reduce Operational Costs – Conversational insight can reveal contact drivers to better serve customers along their digital journey and increase self-service and efficiency. Understand what’s driving hold time, AHT, call silence, etc to build more efficient teams and processes.
4. Consistent and accurate wrap-up – AI abstraction creates accurate, consistent and precise summaries for all agents eliminating differences in style and interpretation.
5. Improve Effectiveness – Use analytics to deliver better CX, stronger performing sales, better payment outcomes, and more by understanding what is driving your team’s effectiveness.
6. Develop & Coach Agents – Automatically guide and score agents to deliver consistent and efficient quality management on conversations. Conversations are monitored for at-risk interactions and supervisors are alerted to step in for rapid course correction.
7. Mitigate Compliance Risk – Monitor conversations for compliance and alert agents to initiate procedures.

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