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Solution Providers bring Zoom’s communications platform to large enterprises and small businesses alike through our Reseller Partner Program, Referral Partner Program (including Agents), and/or Certified Integrator Program.

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Our strategic partnership resulted in a joint developed and unique proposition: Zoom X powered by Telekom. A new version of Zoom for the European market and hosted in Germany. The best of both companies combined in one offer. Exclusively in Deutsche Telekom's network.

Peter Arbitter SVP Portfolio & Produktmanagement, Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Ever since we became Zoom partners in 2015, Zoom has been an endless source of inspiration to us, and the driving force behind our ability to provide the Israeli market with a unique added value.

Olivier Schiffmann CEO, Naotech, Israel

We are excited that Zoom is a part of the robust collaboration toolset we offer to customers at CDW. Zoom provides a secure, reliable video-first unified communications platform to ensure seamless customer experience and success.

Tom Cahill, Vice President Product and Partner Management, CDW, United States